Advanced Certificate
in Teaching
Intermediate Phase

Credits: 132
Modules: 18
Week sessions: 8 (nine consecutive)
For Qualified Teachers Only
University of the Free State

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This fully online programme enables educators to achieve a national qualification level of learning achievement through increased knowledge, problem solving exercises, and practical applications. The skills learned can be used immediately in the classroom and ACT completion qualifies teachers for possible promotions or rerouting to a better job.

Students complete the certificate programme via a 100% online format, so no travel or contact sessions are required. There are no formal exams; student progress is measured through online assessments based on demonstrating methods and procedures to be used in the professional management of learning within defined contexts.

Applied competencies to meet National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 6 are organised into 10 consecutive 5 week sessions. These are designed to meet the occupational needs of working educators, and academic tutoring and technological support is included. Students can enroll in, and pay for, one session at a time.

This certificate programme can be completed, on a part-time student basis, in as few as 21 months.

Admission requirements:

Are you interested in completing this certificate online? Please read the following professional and technology requirements for admission to the programme.

Professional requirements for admission to the programme:

Admission into the Advanced Certificate in Teaching is subject to the General Rules for Undergraduate Qualifications. In addition, applicants must adhere to the requirements of the Faculty of Education and the Specific Requirements of the Discipline. The following Specific Requirements apply:

  1. The minimum qualification admission requirement is an approved and recognized professional teaching qualification evaluated as REQV 13
  2. Practising teacher (currently employed as a teacher)
  3. In possession of a recognised professional teaching qualification at minimum NQF Exit level 5 or equivalent, which includes having:
    a. A Teacher’s Diploma; or
    b. National Professional Diploma in Education; or
    c. Equivalent NQF Level 5 qualification; or
    d. A 480-credit Bachelor of Education at NQF Level 7 (in a different phase or specialization); or
    e. An applicable Advanced Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate in Education (in a different phase or specialization)
  4. Teachers who enroll for the qualification must provide proof that they either teach Foundation Phase or they have access to a Foundation Phase classroom for the duration of the programme.
  5. Have access to the Internet and a laptop. Visit for laptop specifications.

Technology requirements for admission to the programme:

A laptop, as part of the equipment a student needs for the program, is compulsory. ICT forms an integral part of the ACT program.

You will be provided the opportunity to buy a laptop through Eduloan TM at an exceptional competitive price on the Student Technology Program (STP). General information is available at

The laptops purchased through the STP initiative come pre-loaded with the necessary anti-virus and processing software. However, purchasing of a laptop through Eduloan TM is not compulsory. A student in the ACT program is free to purchase a laptop from any service provider.

The minimum requirements for a laptop to be used in the program are as follows:

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 500 GB / 1 TB HDD
  • 4GB RAM
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • USB 3.0 x 2, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • 15.6” HD Display (1366x768)
  • 8x CD / DVD Multi Writer

It is important for students to note that the UFS will take no responsibility to ensure that the laptop the student provides is suitable for use in the program.



Classroom Management and the Curriculum
(8 credits)

Education Studies I: The Individual in the Education Context
(8 credits)

Education Studies II: Managing Diversity in the Learning Context
(8 credits)

Fundamental Mathematics
(8 credits)

ICT in the Classroom
(6 credits)

Introduction to ICT
(6 credits)

Professional Practice in the Classroom
(8 credits)

Teaching IP English FAL I (Approaches and Planning)
(8 credits)

Teaching IP English FAL II (Assessment in English Language Teaching)
(8 credits)

Teaching IP English FAL III (Teaching Language Skills)
(8 credits)


Students to select one group out of the 4 available groups:

Group 1: Mathematics

Teaching IP Maths I: Numbers, Operations and Relations
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Maths II: Patterns, Functions, Algebra and Data Handling
(16 credits)

Group 2: Social Sciences

Teaching IP Social Sciences I: Geography
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Social Sciences II: Projects
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Social Sciences III: History
(16 credits)

Group 3: Life Skills

Teaching IP Life Skills I: Development of Self in Society & World of Work
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Life Skills II: Physical Education
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Life Skills III: Arts
(16 credits)

Group 4: Natural Sciences

Teaching IP Natural Sciences & Technology I: Matter & Materials & Processing
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Natural Sciences & Technology II: Life & Living Structures
(16 credits)

Teaching IP Natural Sciences & Technology III: Planet Earth & Beyond, Energy & Change and Systems & Control
(16 credits)